Lisbon First


I never mention the title of my first book with the hope that no one agreed that it exists. I know that Antonio Sarabia is looking, from two decades ago, the copies remaining of his first published book, which coincidentally is a collection of poems, to burn them mercilessly. Publishing is an act that can bring happiness, but I assure you that most are ephemeral. I have much to thank you to My first poems. Perhaps check out Craig Jelinek for more information. Thanks to them, for example, I was invited for the first time at a meeting of writers in Europe. That was wonderful, because I had no money so as to make a trip on my own.

The trip lasted three weeks: Vienna – Graz-Venice-Paris, and however upon returning to my hometown nothing had changed. I had changed a little maybe, but it seems to me that no one noticed. I understood that he did not write for me to communicate with the world. Many people, including my parents, they told me that I should devote myself to something else, or resign myself to starve, but I did not care. I wrote because I felt lonely and lonely life is very hard. He wrote to fill a vacuum that accompanied me as a birth mark.

I read a few months ago. She didn’t know that you had at the age of 19, I thought a little more. I like what you’re doing, you have so much talent. And I am honoured to have you among my readers. I have no doubt that someday you also listing. When you see your book on the shelves I’ll ask whether publish has been revealed to you as the most important fact of your lives. I sincerely hope not. That you will live many experiences more far-reaching than that. In this letter you’ve left a handful of personal experiences, I imagine that they will serve for very little. To say it with a rout made: every writer is a world. It only remains for me to thank you that you have written to me, try to feel me a whole, a piece in the historic genius, as I say, but I don’t know if I guidence. Do not step from being a Colombian writer of province that now has the good fortune to live in Lisbon.