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Bernd Strange: “Impossible’

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I think not only I came in my mind this phrase to learn from the friendly match between national teams of Belarus and Germany. Although why it is impossible? Is Bernd Strange is not accustomed us surprises? Or not taught us to high-quality, attacking football in the performance of our players? Hopefully, this is just another step forward. And our squad will be tough nut to crack, a kind of storm authorities. And how can this not to believe? Do not believe Strange? He's just anything and everything infects optimism, confidence. To believe that with the coach, our team can go far But back to the match. To match that most of Belarusian fans could not see, as neither ont, nor the first to buy the rights to the match failed. A pity. Watch it at that.

Such a dramatic and really good match, in the performance of our team, I have not seen a long time. Is that a memorial to all the match Italy – Belarus, where our Koreans lost 3-4, but it's not. There we have lost. A draw here, with the draw, the most worthy, with a hint of victory, when our team deserved even more than a draw. From the very start of the match, our players are included insane pressure that prevented the German players combine to create dangerous moments.

More, more. Already in the third minute, a combination of performance and Kulchy Glebov, which nearly ended in a goal. And it seemed Belarusians "fly", they now show in Germany, who they are and what we do know how to play football, the difference between the teams was not 03/04 ball, as asserted by the German press. But here, our wings clipped. First of Klose offside, then generally ridiculous goal in the performance . Here it seemed to all. Came the. But no. Our players, for what they honor and praise, not surrender. And, conversely, with a vengeance "fly" forward. Goal, they say, was brewing. Strikes , Putilo, . Handsome or blow in the nine played by Vyacheslav Hleb, who Lehman fingertips translated into the corner. What is not bells. The second time the Belarusians successful. Not bad, was the first one, but the second does not felt that the play of Belarus and Germany. Such different class teams. Just as he felt no difference between play Lokomotiv Moscow and Real Madrid in the match, when Muscovites were able to play on the road, all the same 2-2. Moments occurred one after another, then Glebov, then Bulyga, then Rodionova. And the Germans do not have to justify himself, saying, relax, have underestimated. How nervous Lion, as the beast in a cage, he was pacing the technical area. The Germans apparently have decided to play the result. Did not happen. Two goals in the performance of Vitali Bulyga put the point in this match. Bullet. Draw with a hint of victory. One of the best achievements of our team. But then there still will be?

Discovering Your Passions

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The influence of spouse, social pressure, family tradition, parental pressure, peer pressure and other external influences are often allowed to dictate career paths. In these situations, you end up working to adapt to the needs, desires and expectations of someone else and deep conflicts arise. These conflicts cause stress, unhappiness and reduced income. You end up working in a position that does not like and eventually disappoint people who wanted to please, first. Step # 3 focus first on what you want and enjoy in your ideal career you have your own inner desires, needs and feelings. It is often easier to follow other than the view you seek and accept the truth about himself. The only way you'll know what career is best for you is to focus first to discover what you want and what is important to you.

Step # 4 Discover your true passions Most people are passionate about something, but have repressed their feelings for a number of reasons. You want to discover what they are passionate about what we can find the position to feel fulfilled. Her passions are always with you and you may not recognize or understand. You know you're passionate about something natural when excited just thinking about it and even more excited about it. Step # 5 Discover your true desires and priorities Most people do not take the time to discover what their wishes and priorities in life. Not seem to go with the flow and hope that they are in the right direction.