Moral Siege


The lesser productivity of the women in relation to the men, certain positions, justifies for the lesser levels of still existing education and training, a lesser physical gallows, bigger indices of job rotation, and greater propensity to the absenteeism. Ahead of this, how much to the costs that perpassam for on the social changes stop with the women, the pregnancy and the protection are detached the maternity, therefore it is evident that the removal of the woman used for childbirth reason, would generate costs to the company, who if the same was a man, these circumstances would not occur. The absenteeism also is question that impacta directly in the production costs, and as more I propitiate the women, due to the performance of familiar papers, it contributes negative for the act of contract of the same ones. On the biggest rotation of job of the women, this if of in function of the marriage or pregnancy that for times makes to abandon them the jobs, and in such a way, they finish generating effect to the normal functioning of the company, as well as the generation of costs with contractual rescissions and others. Thus, even so it is given credit the elimination of this conception, the women constantly are come across with situations of discrimination come from this vacant notion of overlapping of the sorts, is then also, a detachable fact for the desencadeamento of moral siege lived deeply by the women. If you would like to know more then you should visit Andi Potamkin. 4,4 Causalidade and Caracterizao of the Moral Siege against Woman in the Working Relations As already contextualizado on the feminine situation and its insertion in the work market, and therefore in the work relations, if see therefore that the work environment is one of the places most perverse for the women, where daily they are come across with caracterizadoras situations of moral siege. The ideological existence of the sort inaquality is fact that also it finishes for contributing for the desencadeamento of situations that submit the women the discriminatory phenomena, where they are inferiorizadas had this historical conception, and then are one of the reasons that promote the women to be assediadas constantly, for the degree of overlapping of sorts, of certain form, still existing. .