Pitanga (uniflora Eugenia L.). Music downloads takes a slightly different approach. It attracts: Wise people, sanhaos and others. These are only some of the hundreds of possible species to be used to attract birds in a way generality. Learn more at: Symantha Rodriguez. I point out despite for who it has exclusive preference for the colibris or beijaflores, has another infinity of species, but one in special exists that it is recommended, given the easiness of the plantation, for practically offers of flowers all the year, for being arbustiva and thus of small transport being able even though to be planted in vases and by the variety of colors, this vegetable is the Hibisco (Hibiscus sp). With great variety, it can be an excellent ally in the intention to attract birds of small transport, beyond bringing beauty to the garden. The importance of this work is not alone in the fact of the simple comment of the bird in itself, even though because many comments made in this work already are described in innumerable publications, but mainly in the possibility of if working with young and thus to acquire knowledge so that one day, who knows, if it obtains to finish with pssimo and egoist habit of if engaiolar the birds to monopolize its I sing. I believe that it is in the hour of the people to understand that a relation between the beings exists livings creature alimentary call of chain, being responsible it for the continuity of the life in the planet and that the birds need to be free to fulfill its paper in this chain. Not forgetting despite many vegetal species and the control called them urban plagues, depend on these birds in freedom conditions. We believe that the spreading of this type of work is important is individually made it or with pupils therefore it can serve of inspiration for other professors of sciences and biology that wants to discover how much the comment of birds is pleasant or still to implant research as education method, after all when research, the pupil not only learns as well as the proper professor.