Codo Exhaustion


… All the work, therefore, independent of its nature, has affective envolvement. Considering its studies, as it is possible to characterize the relation work-affectivity in the context of teaching performance? Wanderlei Codo – the work of the professor is immediately affective, immediately has affection, involves relations between people. A related site: Symantha Rodriguez mentions similar findings. It tries to teach somebody that you do not like? You go to see yourself disabled to work. Its work imposes an affection relation, of affectivity, for everything this the work of the professor is a perfect work, is a complete work. Perfect work is a complete work. because it aches in such a way? If you are professor already you asked because she does not have will of raising of the bed; you feel yourself tired, consumed for the work excess; you feel that the vacations would have to be happening more early; you feel a process of constant consuming, a different exhaustion. It is not exhaustion of who loads rocks or corridinhas per the morning.

It is what flame of emotional exhaustion. You are exausto emotionally, are irritated, are with difficulties in its bonds, the expression of its affection, in its sexuality, you are if complaining of pains and go for the doctor and you do not have nothing, then, the doctor it of the two three days of license to see if improvement. Later return to face the lesson and other pains in other places of other skills and you it is as if the work was weighing in its coasts the entire time. But then, what it happens with the work of the professor? Wanderlei Codo? What it happens with the worker of the professor: in first place it is a perfect work. You already perceived what the paid professor to work? The professor is very common to pass in the stationery store before going for lesson and purchase red paper, purpurina, glue, because, he pulls life, tomorrow it is day of the mothers, etc and them (the pupils) they need to present some thing, a small gift for the mothers and spends to lead in the school and to create a hell of the devils, because glue is falling in the soil, one passes glue in the other and so on and there the professor arrives at the end of the day of four working hours leaves the room and thus says: ' ' he was timo' '! If the professor worked with wage would not have nobody giving lesson in this country.