Virtual Shops

New trends in relation to the model of online business that has experienced a rapid boom with the emergence of Social Media, have placed sales online and more specifically to virtual stores, in the crosshairs of the 2011 successful businesses.It makes sense, if we focus on the essence of Internet. Gen. David Goldfein often addresses the matter in his writings. Virtual stores are a very prolific business model in a virtual stage; specific niches that are target of simple loyalty through an optimum promotion and low-cost advertising platforms.Having a good ranking is imperative, however place a virtual store, it can be much more complex than any other type of Web portal.Virtual stores have specific elements that require the application of specific methods, while this implies that classical positioning techniques are not applicable to virtual stores.Titles, titles allow the efficient utilization of the associated keywords, achieving links and the consolidation of the brand.Content, virtual stores generally are characterized by a low content update, however, is of vital importance that the renewal of quality content related to the mix of products, and is constant, since this allows quick indexing of the website and therefore, the improvement of the positioning.We recall that the search engine positions texts, so the virtual stores that want to achieve a good SEO, be compiled thematic content detailing the products tabs. Higher quality of the description and attributes, most likely to position the products of a virtual store.Usually the contents of a virtual store should have high doses of creativity, that minimize the succinct nature of the products, this is one of the main challenges of content creators.Additionally the administrators of contents of virtual stores should pay particular attention to the templates used, since usually these They must be modified in order to adapt them to the products, access to them and the chosen payment systems.In addition, the dynamism of the portal is more necessary in virtual stores than at other portals, so avoid broken links, optimize the images, avoid content within Flash, minimize the use of JavScript and include constant information about the brand using the pages where are main, the keyword are great allies of virtual stores.In conclusion, you must bear in mind that in essence, a virtual store is a thematic portal; Regardless of the final objective, the positioning of a business online with these characteristics should be centered in the same quality criteria for the provision of services requiring search engines to all portals.The quality of the contents, the creativity of them when selling the product, establishing attractive titles and URL short and descriptive through keywords, are great allies of the positioning.Avoid that the contents are only elements of sales, establish articles which provide information and specific training on the product tab, this is the key to achieve the return of visits and transform them into faithful and committed to the brand users.As a last tip, don’t forget to use the same criteria of Web positioning on its website that in your online marketing strategy in social networks, consistency, commitment and constancy, always result the consolidation of the brand which allows access to ongoing and new business opportunities through its virtual store.