Tsaplin Alex


But her pushed to the stomach exercises, which are constantly reminded about yourself and lose weight. Her weight at that time amounted to 75 kg with an increase in 165 cm As in any self-respecting fitness club, we now have a trial lesson, she decided to attend one session, to accurately decide whether or not there to do. When you come to practice, and then takes 20-30 people, you can understand when a coach does not pay you just enough attention. But when engaged in 5-10 people, and the coach did not even acquainted with a novice and do not ask him what goals are driven by a novice – this is the first signal that the trainer or absolutely do not care about you, or he is not professional. So it was with Anna when she changed clothes and went into the room, all stood and stretched, doing stretching exercises, but she did not know what to do it, because before that she had never been in the fitness club, and look stupid she does not like. A curious look the other girls and to engage the "Straight from the tin," Anna. From this it becomes even more uncomfortable.

But here's minute hands on the clock caught up with 14 hours on the dial, the coach has gone. A young girl, obviously tightened from it smelled very nice, said hello to everyone and went to the primary mirror. Turned and things started to repeat her movements. The first 5 minutes, they just lay there, playing some quiet music. Then came the exercises needed to get into position. Anna there was no opportunity, and so try commercials. A note was sent to trainer only to their own proper execution of asanas (poses). And oddly enough, Anna something cracked near the end of classes.

When the occupation ended, the coach stood up and said goodbye to all and left. Returning home the next morning, Anna could not get out of bed – she was sick waist. And so "shot" that I had to call an ambulance. But that's another story. After such a bad experience, Anna decided that the best find personal trainer of yoga, so that he could control the execution of postures and worked through with her breath, and give it more attention. Yes, and frankly, very much she did not want to see more acerbic views of others involved. Now, with yoga classes she only bring pleasure, but the waist is already corrected. Individual coach for yoga a few times that coaches group training. The difference is that when personal classroom trainer is completely laid out for only one client, rather than all at once. Yes, and control the process of training a lot easier. Incidentally, individual classes are now becoming more accessible to all segments population. The price of such studies have long caught up with the price of group programs. Interesting target one company that is engaged in selection of individual coaches. As stated by its director Tsaplin Alex: "We have put a serious objective scale. Such a goal once set himself, Bill Gates, when he wanted Windows on each pc in the world. Our goal – "Personal trainer in each house of Russia". Let it sounds loud, but we are not afraid to try and confident in their abilities. We expect only the most serious results of our work. "