The Contact

With one first reading of the title and forward edge or they will possibly have decided if it can be interesting, or definitively, it is not it, and your message goes directly to the recycling wastebasket. 2. The press note must be brief, clear, concise and informative. With a page it is sufficient. You do not tell your life them. It remembers that in fact, they previously were not interested.

You have been your who you have sent a message to them. If they think that he is interesting and they need more information, you do not worry, already will be put in contact with you. Official site: Arthur Sadoun. The best way to avoid complaints about message nonasked for, is to send a brief note, informing into the subject, and asking for permission to send one more a longer note with more information. 3. The date writes in the left least upper bound, names, telephone and direction of electronic mail of the contact person, as well as to be published date. Example: Date of the day. For immediate publication Person of contact. Telephone of the contact person.

Email of the contact person. 4. The title and the first paragraph are most important. It must summarize the objective of the note of press in a few lines: who, where, what, when. You do not use signs of exclamation nor excessively long phrases. It avoids adjectives like " fabuloso" , " maravilloso" , " nico" , etc. Must be written up in the style of mass media to which you go. If the means are very " formal" , you do not send something too informal. If the means are informal, you do not send a message serious and/or excessively pedantic. 5. Honest and you do not put more flowers of those than it has. For example, you do not say that you offer a product or a service, if in fact, at the moment you do not offer it.