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We have a thousand times made sure that the games from giants such as Blizzard, will always be in fashion and in memory of the players. I am referring to games such as Diablo, WarCraft, or to take at least blackthrone 1994 release. Click Cheniere Energy partners to learn more. Games are always waiting for the second revival of his reincarnation. Now it is time to resurrect the game StarCraft! This news excites all the computer magazines, the Internet and, of course, thoughts of computer players. Thus, the game already, though I have not properly put it – the company Blizzard released a beta version only for what to know about the shortcomings and negative sides of the toy, and the official launch of the game, that is StarCraft 2 release date will be December 3, 2010 is reported to various unofficial sources – we believe in and wait! With regard to the Currently in beta version, you can download the game today, and most importantly – you can play without a key in the following way – download the game, download map, download Lazylaunch2 to select an opponent and play against opponents. Simple? Yes, simple, but you still need to pay tribute to the program Lazylaunch2 – without them we watch replays of battles before the official release! Still very much interested in the question about the distribution game – will there be a fourth form, or all or remain in the tripartite balance? Already now we can safely say that the races, as it was three, and will remain – the old and favorite Protoss, Zerg and Tera, but here on account of units has changed. In such Terania appeared a ghost in Protoss spike.

But over the system requirements to play me personally very surprised. If the minimum system requirements: cpu 2.2, hard disk should be only 4 gb of memory and video card of at least 128 mb NVidia GeForce 6600 gt graphics games matchless, and original ost will not leave anyone indifferent to. It is evident that the creators of much bother, before a game, and beta testing has already borne fruit – have already created the sixth patch, with players who notice any problem. So if you want to download StarCraft 2, you'll easily be able to do it with instructions. I wish you a pleasant game!

Casual Game “Through The Looking Glass”, An Overview

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Offered to your attention the game "Through the Looking Glass" is made in the popular genre of "I'm looking and has a very ambitious plot. Although the gameplay of this casual game and did not contain any new features, but the extraordinary and fabulous location will give you many pleasant moments. A solution of intricate puzzles and find hidden objects skillfully take you to amazing places inhabited by unimaginable creatures. At the beginning we are introduced to the main character – a writer Miranda, who did not manage to publish their works. In her solitary apartment to deliver a strange parcel from the unreal parallel world that exists only in her imagination. In While traveling through this surreal world Miranda receives a message from a totally unfamiliar little girl asking for help. After returning to the real world the main character decides, by all means to find and save the baby.

Dignity, or lack of, but the passing game, "Through the Looking Glass" is quite straightforward. You will not find any element of the quest, which has recently become fashionable to introduce a game genre "I'm looking for." Therefore, the only thing you have to do throughout the game's story – finding hidden objects. Looking for items to be by name, or shows up silhouettes, or need to find a number of similar items. Sometimes, in the course of the plot, there will need to address a couple of simple logic puzzles. The undoubted advantage of the game is its graphics. Each of the locations traced simply superb.

Particularly admired the schedule of locations of the parallel world. But the location related to the real world look just fine. Casual game "Through the Looking Glass", has become a tradition, contains built-in mini-games different genres, which is a pleasant process of searching for items. Very beautiful mosaic puzzles, thanks to the wonderful graphics game. There are mini games, which with the help of switches will be required to maze of trolley, other will need to find differences between two very similar locations. Mini-games are not necessary for the transmission and they can safely ignore. The advantages of the game can also be attributed almost complete absence of bugs and defects. Perhaps the only drawback "Looking Glass" is its straightforwardness and simplicity. Almost any of 18 game levels experienced gamers will be able to pass for 20-25 minutes. However, the plot develops interesting and unpredictable, which will necessarily force you to finish playing till the end.

Murhun Cards

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A fun race with elements of arcade games with lots of interesting bonuses and trips. You probably know our feathered friends from the past series of games murhan, they were in most cases as a target, which is supposed to kill for small time limit. But now the birds got into a jet card, and started a mini league. Certainly, though, in the race for the championship will participate, not all birds, but evil pumpkin, snowman, frosty, smart frog. Let's look at each driver closer: The best driver Murhan. Main favorite race, does not stop him.

Morfrosh seemingly simple wah, but it made the relocation of the moles, and is now prepared for this frog contest. It usually takes third place. Leshan – plain, but somehow managed to climb to second place, losing only . Pumpkin – the grim way it's pretty strong contender. Something like a pumpkin on Halloween. Snowman – feels like a king on the winter road, but with others there will be problems, such as hot Egypt.

The game is full of bars, not much like the others. In any one of them needs its own methodology. On the way lies a lot of useful items such as hammer, with which you can hit the nearest opponent, or a container of liquid, it is necessary to throw in the 20 steps forward. In the manipulation of maps are very malleable, and any press on the keyboard to immediately react to it. Murhun has a few: Test mode, in which the player no one harm. In the next mode you can play at once a couple, choosing a favorite track. And in a final opportunity to compete in the competition for first place.