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Russian Black Sea Fleet

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Impossible do not go in Sevastopol – the city of Russian glory, the cradle of Russian Black Sea Fleet. Jack Fusco understands that this is vital information. From this council the second – trips to the Crimea should be an integral part of your holiday. To tell the truth, beach holidays, if not diluted with excursions rather tedious in the Crimea. Of course, there are expensive resorts on the beaches, but as we are assured seasoned tourists in Turkey, all the same services are much cheaper. This is especially true of high season, ie the hottest months of summer – July and August. But in the beginning of the season in late May – June, on the contrary, lower prices, comfortable and affordable B & Bs are free, clean sea and the beach a lot of space.

Incidentally, contrary to popular belief, the sea water is warm enough early, cold currents come ashore only at the end of June – early July. Tip the third – the most convenient time for a first trip to the Crimea is in May, June or September. And the left one small thing – to determine the place of rest or route sightseeing tour to the Crimea. Almost all of the major travel agencies and tour guides even the Crimea have their own websites where you can find the information you need and communicate directly with the organizers of your alleged trip to the Crimea, to order sightseeing tour, make hotel reservations, etc. And last – tour in the Crimea, perhaps, the best option for a first visit Crimea. You can for five – ten days to make an exciting and truly a mystical journey to the Crimea was due to the fact that the territory of the peninsula is low and all its beauty and antiquity are relatively close to one another. If you listen to this advice, you will experience from the first trip to the Crimea continuous delight and pleasure, and run the risk of falling in love with this magical region forever.

Shavlinskie Lake

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Are you bored with the monotonous journey at sea? Do you dream away from civilization, and to touch the virgin Mother Nature? Do you want an active holiday an unforgettable experience, eccentricity? Then boldly go in Altai mountain! Horse trip to the lakes in Shavlinskim vysokore not leave anyone indifferent. Travel is divided into several stages. First you have to get to the tract Sargoldik, from which begins the route. It located six kilometers from the village of White Ongudai Bom district. The village is Barangol base camp where you get the necessary equipment. Tracts of Sargoldik you have to move to the pass-Tian Han, planned Overnight at Lake Kara-Kul. Once on top of the pass, you will see the highest point of the mountain of Altai – g.Beluha (4506 meters above sea level).

The next day you will walk 36 km through the tract and Bahsyrga Tyldys-Kel. Tyldys-Kul (in other Eshtykel) – a small lake in the middle of the valley. The name literally translates as "star Podnebesnoye lake." This path will lead you to the "wise." Arrow – a place where two rivers join and Shavla Shaboga. It should be stay for the night. In the morning, going 10 km you will reach the Lower Lakes Shavlinskogo (1983 m asl). Here is a magnificent sight – on the crystal clear turquoise surface of the lake reflects the snow-capped mountain range – Tale, and dream of beauty. The natural and flawless beauty of nature, untouched by civilization. Middle and upper lakes Shavlinskim you go on foot (12 km).

In Lake Superior you gaze at the glacier, called the Shavlinskoy horseshoe. After 24 miles on horseback you arrive at the bustling p. Shavla. You will walk her to wade. This is followed by a transition along a narrow path through the taiga in the valley g.Tongul (2618 m). There's a magnificent landscape of a picturesque valley with hidden corners. Go to North Chui ridge back to the tract Sargoldik promises you enjoy views of ancient glaciers. Journey comes to an end. We wish you many pleasant impressions and pleasant memories.

International Conference

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At the world-famous English town of Greenwich has something similar with the two suburbs of St. Petersburg – Pulkovo Observatory and the famous Strelna, with its Naval Academy named after Admiral Makarov. Greenwich is part of the so-called Greater London, also Pulkovo Strelna located in St. Petersburg. Similarity even in the fact that access to Greenwich can be reached by water from the Victoria Embankment in London, as in Peterhof – from the Palace Embankment.

Greenwich, though is not on the beach, yet is truly a maritime city. And the famous sailing ship “Cutty Sark”, set in the dock – proof of this. The most high-speed tea clipper was designed specifically to by delivering Chinese leaf tea did not have time to rot or otsyret. Greenwich is proud of its National Maritime Museum. And also in this city is old Maritime College, created Christopher Renom. But, of course, the most important attraction is still the Royal Observatory, planted in August 1675.

She also set up to ease navigation. While the most important objective Astronomy has been precisely to determine longitude. Because of the impossibility of determining longitude shipwreck occurred, and many other problems, such as, for example, the inability to re-open previously to find navigators of the earth. The British long to find a solution to this problem. Having built his own observatory, scientists have identified a meridian zero. But only in 1884 International Conference officially meridianskaya recognized and recorded in the Greenwich meridian – zero. And from that time he became a lap vremyaischisleniem on earth. Following this, one European country after another to join such vremyaischisleniyu. But Russia has recognized the this system of reporting time only in 1919. To this day, Pulkovo Observatory works closely with the Observatory at Greenwich.