Secrets Of The Sporting Achievements


Ended Olympic Games in Beijing, where China's team flashed a startling results. Source: Costco. To coach teams in the world for a long time headache is caused by the fact that the team did not the results are not included even in the top five at a sporting event, suddenly surged to first place with such a striking result and margin. Moreover, none of doping commission has not established the application of Athletes stimulants. The media push China's national team associated with the mysteries of traditional Chinese medicine and a powerful psychological preparation of athletes based on the achievements of the Chinese Schools Wushu and Kung Fu. Undoubtedly, the mental state plays a dominant role in the preparation of an athlete, and medicines of traditional Chinese medicine, which action is quite different from the effect of familiar our preparations, could play a significant role in preparing the Chinese national team. But let's turn our attention to themselves athletes participating in the Olympics. Some issues can be resolved by viewing videotape sporting events.

During the competition among Chinese athletes could be seen, rectangular, light-brown stickers on different parts of the body. This pain patches to help with traffic restrictions, caused by sprains and loads in the preparatory period. Practically the entire Chinese team to apply them in the most crucial period in order not to feel pain, do not be distracted by its suppression, to to concentrate all our internal resources is to achieve a result. Some Chinese athletes could be seen hematomas (bruises), rounded shape. Such hematomas occur after exposure to the affected part of the body vacuum banks.

Characterized by the fact that when you install vacuum cans at a healthy site, hematoma did not occur and only on the damaged muscle pain, as it were, stretched out on the skin surface in the form of a bruise. And we can see, in particular for attacking the Chinese basketball team, striking a hematoma in the shoulder joint, that has not stopped him score a lot of points! In conclusion, I want to say that I set out only the explicit, visible to all the facts. And how many opportunities hidden in the methods of Chinese acupressure, the application of various knee pads, T-shirts painkillers, stimulants and herbal imunomodulyatorov Chi. Achievements Chinese athletes at previous Olympic Games deserve more attention.