Roadway Administration

Patching of the carriageway is carried out, but its quality can not be called good. Although it’s still better than well. We work according to gost, which allows, for example, the presence of a road surface wells of up to 50 cm in length, width to 15 and a depth of not more than 5 cm for information about violations, we are sending to the administration, dde. If presented requirements are not met, the minutes, find out the reasons – objective or not – is not to eliminate the violations. – And what are the reasons preventing make the roads good? – Main – lack of money funds in connection with the crisis. – The crisis began last year, and that interfered to restore order before this time? – I’m in this position since 2002, the issue of roads was raised back then.

Never in the administration had no money for these purposes. – Roadway is adequately lighted? – The work went in this direction until the road lighting was on the balance of power lines. Now almost all outdoor lighting transferred to the municipality. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Secretary of Agriculture. Due to lack of funds administration of the city have been instructed to turn off the lighting of the carriageway. – Does an increase of accidents the state of our roads and the lack of coverage? – This is related causes. The main factor in road accidents – human. Due to the large number of pits on the roads people are forced to drive around, go to the oncoming lane – increases the risk of collision.