German House donates 22 oak for the mountain plateau in Wuppertal In the initiative we replant. “” We’re playing with.”the German house donated now 22 swamp oak for the Green middle”in Wuppertal area Bergisches plateau”. Head of the construction department Frank Meyer and representatives of the city administration and the District Council delighted with the commitment of the Cologne company and inaugurated the area. w York City. “On behalf of the city of Wuppertal, the responsible for urban development, construction, transport and environmental affairs officer Frank Meyer German terraced House representative Achim Behn thanked: thanks to your commitment, we could make this so meaningful for the people on the mountainous plateau area even more attractive.” The mountain plateau in the Wuppertal district Wichlinghausen is a prime example of urban conversion projects. Once a freight yard, then over many years brownfield site, now one of the most attractive new building areas in the city. As first construction, the German was terraced house 2010 on the site actively..