As this sounds funny, give her a piece of chicken. Your dog's behavior has been rewarded, so you're likely to re-paw. If that sequence is repeated several times, your dog will play with the foot every time you sit at the table. Your dog will have been conditioned to touch you with his paw while you're eating lunch. Extinction of behavior Extinction is the process that makes a stop conditioned behavior occur when it is no longer rewarded. In other words, if you stop rewarding a learned behavior, your dog will no longer run.

Imagine that you taught your dog to sit when you give the command "sit." You give a piece of meat every time he sits down, then he learns quickly. One day you decide not to reward that behavior over and after a while, your dog stops to sit every time you give the order. As his behavior is no longer rewarded, your dog will have learned to not respond more to your order. The conduct of sitting at the order will be extinguished. Reinforcement Reinforcement is the process that increases the frequency of a behavior every time the awards. It is the fact of rewarding your dog when it obeys an order or make a behavior that you want to promote. Positive reinforcement is to make something nice happen to your dog, at the same moment (or immediately after) he performs the desired behavior. For example, you say "sit" and your dog sits. If you give a piece of meat at the moment you feel, you have positively reinforced behavior to sit on command.