Personality Type


ALAN GARCIA’s FASCIST personality can be seen in the actions that have all his party colleagues, who assumed as truth to conventions dictated by capitalist society with its neoliberal model, above all to the authoritarian submission to the dictates that make Alan Garcia and which is not criticised by none of his followers. We say so because they cannot justify the outrage of all fundamental rights of the human person, such as the life and freedom of expression, which are now kept under distress in full force, in addition to many episodes that have tried or done exercise of abuse of his authority to maintain its multiple abuses to freedom of expression under shade, as for example is the closure of several stations of the province, by the mere fact of being argumentative to its regime. It’s what Theodor Adorno conceptualized as authoritarian aggression, which also can see it in the criminalization of social protest, in the aggression to former political prisoners with aggressive and repressive measures to the fundamental rights of the human person, without import the human, if not quite the opposite side its punishability linda already with the personal imbalance that would enter into the lack of introspection of their actions, the reflection of themselves. It continues with his thought of rigid and not interchangeable categories, the fate of the APRA and the same Alan Garcia as predestined to be the saviors of the Peru despite the contrary evidence. His rough handling of power for the population in general, which is expressed in the endless propaganda that spread by the press addicted to his regime and which subjected through the advertising as commercial benefice. Another of its features more whites is so obvious cynicism before their outrages, like what happened with consideration of teaching appointment, where their coreligionists, many of them without intellectual merit, not even of curriculum, were appointed to which counted with all the elements and logistics for such unlawful purposes and the consent of many apristas directors and corrupt by defense Attache.