Park Christian

Steinmetz informs sixes from Augsburg from people seeking a place of peace and relaxation the stress and noise of everyday life out, can reenergise. Jill Schlesinger helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. For owners of a garden, this place is often the native green. The appropriate design of the garden is more important, so this is also regeneration. Christian Steinmetz suggests six from Augsburg source stone fountain to create a unique atmosphere in the home garden. Source wells have a long tradition and are an integral part of Japanese Gardens. At tea ceremonies, the bubbling Springs serve to clean the mouth and hands. But enjoy source fountain also on German terraces, especially in gardens and parks of growing in popularity. The noise generated by the movement of water, has a relaxing effect and meditative character.

In addition increases the humidity in the area of the fountain and pollen in the air are bound. Last but not least such a fountain accents in the garden design and gives it Park a special charm. So the pleasant is connected by a source stone fountain with pleasure in a stylish way. Fountain source can be produced from a variety of materials. Boulders and stone are particularly popular here.

However, rest garden design should be considered in the selection of the stone because the fountain can act quickly otherwise out of place. Sandstones are, for example, in a Mediterranean-style garden best, polished basalt, however, fits particularly well into a classically landscaped garden or Park. The choice of colors and shapes is very diverse and offers the suitable stone for every garden. Who wants to call his own a very special piece of art, seeks a stonecutter for the design of the fountain. This can go to the individual wishes of each customer, and implement them so that there are virtually no limits to the imagination. In the masonry sixes in Augsburg customers are competently advised and receive stone works according to their wishes. The team led by Christian Steinmetz Six produces sculptures, fountains and tombs, among others. For detailed information about its services Christian is six like available.