Norah Jones: Words And Music Of Praise

With a father like that American women can thrive and not putting much effort. However, the daughter of the legendary Ravi Shankar opted for an industrious man, and just pushing for yourself. Lives while Nora Jones, clover, literally. The proof – her last album, The Fall – How do you select a name for the album? – I like that name a number of different values, and that everyone can interpret them differently. For me his interpretation of the actual. I do not know how the name was born just one day it stuck in my head and I have had nothing to do with it. – Cover is very original, looks like a fresh photo magazine Vogue – It's true funny.

All responsibility for such design is vested in the picture she wanted to use for a photo shoot the dogs because she loves working with animals. I found this amusing, and we finally settled on St. Bernard, who was so beautiful that we did with him a few shots. So, yes, this cover is really playful, albeit staged. – Where to start work on the album? – First of all I had to find a producer – A partner who would have a slightly different vision of music and pushing me to work. So we met with King. He is a professional, is inclined to experiment and immediately caught the mood that I want to convey in music. K Moreover, there vast experience of successful work with other musicians.