La Estrella


The possible paths that gives us free Tarot there is a large amount of people who seem to find themselves trapped in a vicious circle. There are adverse situations that are constantly repeated in your life without having a logical reason for this. Others, however, are caring people who do not harm anyone and is doing the utmost to fulfill their dreams, always without success. When this happens continuously, the only solution is to take conscience that is not due to bad luck or is the fault of others, but in ourselves. And that only a deep work of introspection and self-awareness can help us to definitely change the reality that makes us unhappy.

We know that the main mission of the tarot is the bindar, precisamene, keys and paths to achieve a deep and liberating self-knowledge. And for those who might feel some fear, nothing better than to try with a simple query to the free tarot. Free tarot through Internet can be found at any time of the day, in the comfort of our home and at the time when We are truly prepared to do so. Does not require trust our feelings or intimate thoughts to strangers, nor put ourselves in the hands of professionals upon whose honesty or fitness have doubts. Decipher the messages of the tarot on the other hand, requires a continuous exercise of intuition and a true introspection allowing us to listen to our inner voice. Therefore, even when what the tarot we transmit not appears to be especially useful to us, we will have taken a valuable step in the path of self-knowledge that Yes will be truly useful. Get detach us from very common tendency to rationalize everything and bring us closer to our intuition and our instinctive wisdom is always valuable for spiritual growth and inner well-being.

When a path of self-knowledge begins through the tarot, you should pay special attention to the arcane reflecting patterns of human behavior to a greater extent. Among the minor arcana, are courtly figures responsible for function as a mirror of strong and deeply rooted consultant behaviors. Between the arcane older, for his part, El Sol and La Estrella respectively, polarized characteristics typically attributed to women and men. In the first case, the aggressiveness, willing to do, push, and the second, creativity and intuition. Learn to know and recognize ourselves in our repeated behaviors is the first step for the solution of most of human problems.