Jorg Butt


Since 2002, began performing in a regional league for the second team of Bayer. Since moving to Leverkusen 4 years he lived with his goalkeeping coach Rudiger Bayer Follborna in the attic, where, of course, showed off a poster of Peter Schmeichel. In May 2006, Rene on training seriously injured, a crack in the rib. I had to install a titanium plate. After recovery from the trauma of waiting for him phenomenal debut in the Bundesliga.

It happened on Feb. 25, 2007. While the main Bayer goalkeeper Hans-Jorg Butt has been disqualified due to receiving a red card and a place in goal for the match against Schalke appointed Rene Adler. And he and mastered the task well. Bayer won, Adler did not miss, beating 10 beats in shots on target. On that game he said he was very far from its optimal condition, since only recovered from his injury, and just enjoy the game.

March 8, 2007 Rene Adler his debut in European competition, when Bayer was playing in the uefa Cup with the French Lance. Now, Rene Adler is the main goalkeeper of Bayer Leverkusen, the contract with which it has been concluded before June 30, 2012. Rene Adler devotes much attention to the psychological preparation, working with psychologists and self books in this area. Adler's transfer fee is 16 million Euro. Currently, he is interested in Manchester United, offering 20 million euros. Also, Bayern and Arsenal would like to have in their composition, Rene Adler. On this occasion, Adler said that more than 10 years in Leverkusen and here feels Excellent, very hopeful that his club will be able to get into the Champions League. We can assume that hit or misses Bayer in Champions League and will be the determining factor in choosing a club. Rene Adler advocated Germany's youth teams of various ages: up to 17 years to 18 to 21. At the European Championships in 2008 he was already in the adult team in Germany, along with Jens Lehmann, Robert Enke. A debut for the national team it was held on Oct. 11, 2008 year in the qualifying match of the 2010 World Championship against Russia. After the debut match for the many fans of the German national team, he became the number one.