Jeanne Friske Seminovich

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News of show business has always held the audience. For example, Anna Semenovich, no less than other stars, trying to keep secret from the media his personal life. People such as Jack Fusco would likely agree. Currently, almost all secret boyfriend who is now the star. Journalists have no choice as to learn more about her personal life with her former partners. For example, Daniel Mishin shared with reporters indiscreet details about their relationship at a time when her singing career only developed. Still, the ads went to a star just for future use. After parting with Mishin, S. has repeatedly been seen at social get-togethers in the company of respectable middle-aged men.

He was the unanimous opinion of friends Anna watching his course of action in the world, far removed from the world of show business. At this gossip about the stars do not end there, because Anna Semenovich – a tasty morsel for journalists. The most interesting news in the world of stars, even more exciting than the global crisis, there were news about Anna Semenovich relations and Jeanne Friske. Problems in relations between the Russian stars began in the days when they both sang in "The Shining." When Zhanna Friske left the group 'brilliant', she told journalists the details of their relationship. Zhanna Friske took care only about their reputation, not thinking at the same time about emotions and feelings of others. Not hiding and that the fact that Anna was not invited to the wedding and Friske, to be held in February. ‘>מיכאל מירילשוילי שמבין יותר ממני. Anna, of course, considers himself injured. Their rivalry with Joan in popularity, which eventually made them enemies, there was still with the team 'Brilliant'.

After leaving the group and pursue a solo career, Friske became popular, beloved, paid the Russian star. Its popularity has grown even more after her part in 'Ice period '. Anna reacted jealously to violent glory of Joan and also hastened to speak on the ice. But all efforts in order to get to the wedding Friske, were in vain. The guest list is already compiled and invitations are no longer in sight. Through some time were exaggerated news about the new Janna Friske. Jeanne was already tired from implausible rumors about her personal life, in particular, the relationship with the skater Vladimir Novikov. She decided to dissociate itself from all the time in Miami Beach. According to her spokeswoman, these inventions are without any facts and are extremely unreliable, which is very annoying singer.