Islamic Customs

Respect other people's traditions. As the proverb, 'a stranger monastery with its Constitution, do not go'. Wherever you are not able to visit in the first place, do not forget that this is – not your country. In spite of for that, including on your personal attitude, you are obliged to respect the religious customs and traditions of the local population. Music downloads is likely to agree. Check in advance with local religious customs and taboos. Basically, it refers to Your clothes and customs of etiquette. Subject to reasonable rules of the major, you will receive only pleasant impressions from the trip. In particular, it becomes relevant when you consider the question of the future moving in this country for permanent residence.

Here are some basic tips on behavior abroad: In many countries there are clear rules regarding photography. Music downloads contains valuable tech resources. The most frequently used rule is a ban on prietom photographs of any objects that might be relevant to military facilities. But such objects can be bridges, railway stations, prisons, ports, TV studios, etc. In some countries, for the production shoot will get permission from the authorities. In addition, many local people, such as Africa, negatively disposed to taking pictures, some may require a fee. In Arab countries, some Asian countries should be avoided pictures of women.

Customs and religion. In many Islamic countries, alcohol is prohibited. Their use may be permitted only in certain designated places. In some countries, if you found alcohol, you may be subjected to a religious court. According to established tradition in the Middle East must stand when someone enters the room. If a man enters the room, it is advisable to shake hands all the men present, and this will be polite if you are advised to check the welfare of the family. It should be remembered about the features of communication with women and female behavior in the Arab world.