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This workmanship if more became the book of marketing vendido of all the times, in result completely to focarem its attention for customers. The decade of 90 was marked by the technological advance, what it caused a strong impact in the world of the marketing. The electronic commerce was a revolution in logistic and the distribution what it became possible a management of relationships with the customers in a wide scale. To another trend of this period it was the sprouting of the societal marketing in which if it became a requirement of market with a bigger concern with well-being of the society. In age 2000, with the turn of the millenium, segmentation of the television was attended to it the handle, the popularity of the cellular telephony, the democratization of the medias especially saw Internet. The Word Wide Web (www) already was mature the sufficient and in the first years of this decade a infinity of research and publications had appeared on webmarketing and e-commerce what it caused the sprouting of and-marketing. 1.2E-MARKETING (ELECTRONIC MARKETING) E? marketing is the applied marketing action through the Internet. In accordance with Limeira (2006, P.

10), ' ' the electronic marketing is a set of marketing actions intermediated by electronic canals, where the consumer controls the amount and the type of information recebida.' ' This modality of the promotion and-marketing, presents great advantages in relation to the traditional marketing as the fact of in such a way small, measured and great companies, to be able to assume its costs since these relatively low are compared with other vehicles of the communication. Not having real limit of space for the propaganda, beyond the access to be fast easy and to be available to everybody without geographic limitations. With the technological evolution, the electronic marketing is reaching resulted expressive. This branch of the marketing obtains to reach a great one quickly numbers around of internautas spread of the world.