Destin Lucas


Do something to limit the scope does not matter how bad a situation may appear, there is almost always a way to limit their impact. Napoleon Hill said: "In every adversity lies the seed of equal or even greater benefits." Even the worst situations, can become good, all you have to do is ask, how can this situation be used in my favor? How I can limit the scope of this situation? How I can limit the time that this has to endure? By having this information to take decisive action. Action fills you with hope and a sense that you can do something about the situation. 5. Taking a step at a time The last principle to address the challenges is to take one step at a time.

Helen Keller who lost her eyesight and hearing while still a very young child, used this principle to great effect. She completed a college degree, learned several languages including classical Greek, became a world famous author called, "The greatest woman of our times" by Winston Churchill. While finishing his degree at the university and face almost unbelievable obstacles, just continue. She is fighting a battle at a time, and gradually rise to the challenge. His life is testament to the power of this approach.

Similarly one day to go time, strive to do at least one thing every day, no matter how small, you will notice your change of status. Conclusion Dr. Paul G Scholtz, said, "Adversity fuels greatness." When you think of this article, you may start to wonder how you can apply these principles to their own lives. You may wonder how you can make your own obstacles into victories. You may wonder why a little thing you can do to gain some control over their situation, and grow and develop, and do something big, something really important, because deep within each one of us knows that we are called to fulfill a unique and wonderful destination. Destin Lucas is an internationally recognized writer, president and co-founder of the dawn of Truth? a huge success modeling program for dramatically accelerating personal growth. If you want to achieve greatness visit