Customize Bike


Bike Setup: Setting up general guidelines and the steering wheel of a bicycle when the right position steering a mountain bike, the slope of the spine should be around 45 This saves a comfortable position and reduces the aerodynamic resistance. The density of screwing bolts shall conform 20 Nm. Spindle steering column should also be tightened to 20 Nm. Wheels should be mounted symmetrically frame and front fork. Nuts on the axle of front wheel should be screwed to 15Nm, a rear – 17 Mm.

Well-inflated tires should not be planted more than one-third of the height. Setting up a bicycle frame and seat distance between the frame and seat base must be at least 2,5 cm Position of the saddle set sitting on a bike in the lowest position of the connecting rod mechanism of the carriage. His height is chosen so that sitting in a position with slightly bent knee heel free to lay down on the pedal. Attention should be attention to the fact that the rod was placed at a certain depth in the frame (65 mm). Note: During the adjustment of seat and steering must be remembered that the bar raised above the mark, may be the cause of failure bicycle, as well as an accident. The maximum level of recovery of the rod should not exceed the mark, located at the bottom of the steering rod and saddle. Setting up a mechanism carriage bicycle backlash in the mechanism of the carriage bearings are removed with gentle loosening the nut 1, further tightening the nut 2, and again tighten the nut 1.