Another Breakthrough In The Treatment Of Infertility

British doctors have invented a method for growing human eggs in the laboratory from samples of ovary, which is a major discovery in the treatment of infertility. The procedure is tested in two British clinics for the treatment of infertility. It consists of a sampling of ovarian tissue from the patient and hold it for th time, while the woman wants to have a baby. It allows women to postpone motherhood for many years. Also, this method eliminates various health risks associated with other methods of artificial insemination. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Secretary of Agriculture. The first stage of a new method of treatment of infertility is a sampling of ovarian tissue samples using arthroscopic surgery.

Next ovarian tissue frozen and stored until such time as the woman does not want to conceive a child. Then the immature egg with hormonal drugs are brought to a mature level is used for artificial fertilization. According Reproduction, this method will be very useful in the treatment of infertility due to the fact that patients can avoid the daily administration of hormonal preparations used for ovulation stimulation. Hormones, in turn, can cause severe complications and in some cases even fatal if hyperstimulation syndrome. The new method may cause an ethical problem – he takes the process Human Reproduction even deeper into the artificial space laboratory. Doctors one of the centers of infertility treatment in London, working on a new method, claim that the various elements of this method is used, but out to complete the entire process will take some time. At this time, women, cancer patients will be able to retain a portion of the ovaries prior to anti-cancer treatment. Scientists previously managed to produce an egg from ovarian tissue in the lab, but this process is still under research and not used in the successful treatment of infertility.