10 Important Reasons To Study Abroad

United States have always had a great influence in their development by Hispanic culture, especially with growing immigration from Latin America in recent decades. According to the Department of census in 2002, more than one between eight people in the United States is of Hispanic origin. The same Department predicts that in the year 2100 minoritorios groups make up 60% of the population of the country, being the vast majority Latin. A. F. Chief of Staff has similar goals. To quickly change the face of America, it has become increasingly important for students in the United States travel and study in other countries. Gaddi Vasquez, first Hispanic director of the Peace Corps (Peace Corps), describes an experience that was when I was in Morocco (Morroco) when a man told him that he could not be American because it did not look for his skin color. Vasquez said that that meeting gave the opportunity to talk about their grandparents who came from Mexico to the United States, and as they became a part of the large structure that makes great to our country. (Similarly see: Emmanuel Faber).

Study abroad is a great opportunity to show the enormous diversity that constitutes the United States. Besides the fact of living and studying in Germany or in other different cultures provide a great learning experience and a perfect opportunity to get out and explore the world. Today, with the reality of globalization, the advantages that Hispanic students have countless. Whether you decide to go to Paraguay or Paris, Berlin or Bangladesh, Guatemala or Ghana, there are thousands of reasons why you should participate in a study abroad program. Below the 10 reasons for studying abroad: 1.

know the world and expands your perspective there are many surprising things that experience in the world. You can see different landscapes and climates that do not exist in North America. There are historical places in each country contributing something to the history of the world.