The Importance Of Geological Studies

Do not forget that important part of the geological survey and the first necessary event for the erection of any building. Here is an example of history that has occurred over 12 years ago, in the summer of 1998. It shows how to save geological evidence leads to disastrous consequences. The Federation Council has long needed a proper outlet manifold, and in early 1998 it was decided to begin the construction of a collector street under large Dmitrov. As the geological materials were taken pre-war studies made in the construction of the subway. But the construction of subway and its approaches to the requirements of research: exploration wells were drilled with step 50-70 meters, and therefore was not noticed by mainstream underground river.

And had information that the river is in the wrong place, since the building of the area showed signs of ancient settlements, and the ancients generally settled on rivers, but these data were ignored. And instead of an analysis of contemporary SNiPs that involve more of the net wells, construction began on the old data. And the result? In early June, mass of water with soil from the bed of the river unrecorded, broke into the reservoir and quickly flooded it. The workers were present at the time in the tunnel barely managed to escape. formed on the surface of the failure of more than 750 meters and a quadrant depth of 15 meters. The ancient building, which stood nearby was destroyed. In the horrible failure of a few cars, fortunately there were no casualties.

Collector restored over a year. To this was spent serious money. But just This could have been avoided if proper geological training. Modern equipment has a mass of geological resources, which provide a complete picture of groundwater. It is up to integrity of the builder. However, even the unscrupulous developer needs to understand – saving on geological prospecting, ultimately he may lose much more.