Saddle Mountain Bike

How many times have you seen Mountain biker with lowered like a racer bmx, a saddle? Mountain biker – part rider, partly motor. Lowered the saddle too low can reduce the power of your motor in half! Control the bike does not become easier, but the more you pedal, the more often will hurt your knees. Install the bicycle saddle is high enough that your knee was bent only slightly when the foot is in its lowest position pedaling cycle. If necessary, lower the saddle by 1-1,5 cm from this position, but no more. Feet should touch the ground for walking, but not for cycling. To determine the exact height of the saddle, measure the distance from the top point of the tibia to the floor, and multiply it by 0.883 – that is the distance from the center of the carriage to the upper part of the center seat..