Sound Advertising Information


Sound advertising information may differ on Genesis: Live (live), recorded audio advertisement Living can be called one of the oldest forms of advertising in principle. Its heyday coincided with the heralds, which, incidentally, well earned, and their selection was just as crucial, as in our times of elections to parliament. Since it was not possible to broadcast commercials in radio, spokesmen repeated over and over again his message going around the cluster of the target audience for horses. In our times, a living advertisement appears in the person of newsboys, seeds, small goods in trains and subway ads that do not require multiple recurrence. For example, an ad into a megaphone: "Those who want to go walking on our boat – in a hurry! There are only two seats. Departure – in five minutes! "Need to repeat this message even after five minutes gone.

Although, in a recorded form, such a declaration would also make sense, and it was an interesting marketing ploy, if, for example, to broadcast it every once in five minutes prior to departure. Living in a large enough advertising the amount found in radio or television, when leading or participating sponsors list or talk about a certain product or service. At concerts, performances and shouprogrammah often heard about how advertising Speakers teams and their projects (concerts, CDs) as well as the sponsors of the action. In general, advertising is a live report online, hot information, relevant to the moment of its utterance. Recorded audio advertisement, can assume any advertising, recorded on any medium and reproducing sound equipment. .