Public Safety


Public safety is a point that has generated the current attention. All political groups have established bases projection according to this, but this is not an issue that is projected only now it extends from the beginning of man’s existence on earth. Security was seen as an inherent condition of human life, a privilege as a fundamental element for social and physical development. Since the beginning of the appearance of man on earth and he wanted to go in groups, in order to preserve the natural features of the beasts, even in caves, in the clans and sought security as a fundamental means for survival.

This gave a glimpse of the first foundations of leadership, and began to birth a sense of order, recognition and coexistence integral. Public safety is a function that the State shall promote, as it is inconceivable without the existence of an entity organized a peaceful society and that the State must ensure the protection of each of its citizens. Despite efforts by both political authorities, police, Public Ministry as well as all sectors involved in the issue has not been enough to combat crime, which has caused a feeling of insecurity in the majority society, which thus translates into a lack of credibility in government agencies, as it is believed that insecurity has exceeded the ability of timely response by the responsible authority for classical systems in terms of safety and prevention repression have been unable to prove their accuracy.

Based on the above we have that the company is now more active and more visible their participation is actively involved in the plans are to run and organize in order to protect each other in neighborhoods, urbanization, human settlements, housing associations, condominiums.