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Let’s not forget that people Pleasing Google Bot can be a difficult task. That is why we use all our SEO techniques to serve the useful information on a silver platter and thus be well documented, but please a person can be a thousand times more difficult because while the robot of a search engine is based on mathematical algorithms, a person usually based on the first thing that comes to mind, the next time we use a trillion or key words in META Description remind us that there is a person reading the other side of the monitor and you can think of anything. Search engines also complain that the premise of the major search engines is to show the user what looks, sounds very easy but it is not, the huge amounts of time and money spent on improving the algorithms are hereby reason and so far more amazing every day. In the “stone age” of search engines was unusual that the results could be manipulated with various techniques as simplistic as a keyword to mention hundreds of times without any effect, create link farms or use hidden text … and if you noticed something, that’s the people who suffer every so often happens when a drastic change in the algorithms that determine positioning. Today, the natural targets, while the more natural your site the greater the chances of being welcomed by your Robot favorite and not suffer with algorithm changes, you may even just to enjoy the new benefits of each change! That makes your work has value for much longer.

All very nice, but more specifically what I can do apart from SEO to improve my sales? Here is a brief list of things we should invest more effort and is usually overshadowed by the search engine optimization. Content Optimization Your content has to be addressed to convert visitors into buyers, but that has nothing to do specifically with search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of this. There is no magic formula nor is there a certain percentage to see if you have success, but you should always aim to better convert the traffic we already have. Ok retain customers, and we sold something to someone, there is a reason not to try to come again? Once we achieve our goal we must make every effort to ensure that visitor relapse … and the best way achieving this is ensuring that we provide really good service, product or information and creating a brand around us or our site.

Marketing channels generate different SEO not only lives the Online Marketer (paraphrasing the famous phrase), we must also expand in other channels such as social networks and Pay Per Click, PPC, thanks especially to be implemented immediately is very important to analyze whether certain keywords complete conversion really … the saddest thing in the world is waiting 3 months to position yourself well in a keyword that does not convert as expected. Conclusion Although I personally do not miss any single opportunity to improve my SEO techniques, it is also important to understand that search engine optimization is not the REAL purpose of any project, but it’s just a very good channel to meet the real objectives. The best thing is to point to the natural, good content generates better links than any exchange, makes users relapse and makes you look good in search engines and visitors at the same time … what more could you ask for?