Oswald Sattler

The new album by Oswald Sattler – when night falls in the mountains of Oswald Sattler stands for values like family, nature, honesty and a deep religiousness, rooted in his homeland, last but not least are embodied in its mostly sold-out tours of the Church. According to these values, lives Oswald Sattler and radiates it to his audience. Perhaps it is precisely these preserved down-to-earthness and modesty, which always fascinated the audience. Him taking off simply, what he sings, and rightfully so. It is to be him important in addition to his musical career – with justice and their own Alm still South Tyrolean farmers. And it so happens time and time again that if you call Oswald Sattler in the summer, he just with the scythe on its Alm mows the grass or guards his animals. This closeness to nature and close to the fates of the people around him put in his music and in his texts.

Oswald Sattler alerts us to the small stories, threaten often go down into everyday life. Only songs the him both musically as well in terms of content wholeheartedly convince, make it on the album. “I want to convince not only musically with my songs, but rather carry whatever a statement and is an important criterion when choosing a title,” Oswald explained the artistic thread. Equal to the one goose song of the new album when a star leaves the world”, a beautiful folk song with a is truly visually lyrical component. The title goes to the depths of existence and deals with the life after death, more specifically, with the idea that every person who leaves the world lives on as a star in the firmament. “In addition to the beauty of the lines is also much comforting in the gist of the song: and if you look into the night sky and you wonder what Stern well then thats then one pick”.