MillionenSchulze – Barefoot Through The Night

The new single from MillionenSchulze – barefoot through the night “I am your child so loved her, look at what remained of it” it is said in the chorus of the ballad the rock and pop Prize 2010 awarded “barefoot through the night”. Also the musical performance is direct and unconventional. Drums, guitar, and strings to a voice that listening away makes impossible. Too intense, too emotionally close to the reality of the big city. From available immediately in all download shops. Read more from Emmanuel Faber to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Detlef Seger alias MillionenSchulze won 2010 with “BAREFOOT through the night” for the third time the nationally advertised rock and pop award. The jury of the German pop Foundation which awarded this prize in the 28 years, (members are including Lindenberg, Lisa Fitz, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, D.

T., Maffay and others) pointed out the special ability of the author in the eulogy, very sensitively and accurately again to give the feelings of the people. Already in the years 2007 and 2009 were his lyrics “Schwoof at Zille” and “Unconscious rage” in the category “best German-language text of the year” awarded. “Schwoof at Zille” were implemented in dialect as Boogie Woggi and “Unconscious rage” to the tune of the House of The Rising Sun, a very unusual arrangement that makes musical feel and hobar the loneliness of the night was “barefoot through the night”. Detlef Seger, is Berlin, Schulz abandoned 2005 his “maiden name” of marriage. He earned his living as a journalist, cinematographer and entrepreneur. He began with 15 to maltreat, later the first chords on the guitar of hiking the drums. cussion. He moved to an apprenticeship as merchant it but once a family to establish.

In late 2006 he decided to turn his life to be totally and started to become active again to make music. 2007 was the first rock and pop award. 2008 the first publishing contract. 2009 was released the first CD “You must be grateful” published by Minerva music and thus the first TV and radio appearances. The year was completed with the rock and pop award 2009. 2010 he wrote the song for Rene Holz “Time flies”. The producer took Andreas gangsta Title and artists under contract, the publication took place end of 2010. He wrote the song “I dance with you” for Michael Bauer. Was arranged the musical Declaration of love that will appear in the spring, by none other than the lead singer and composer of the Munchner Freiheit (without you I sleep tonight not a night), Stefan Zauner. Matthias Reim, met by Bernhard Brink during filming, he learned it takes lots of patience. A few weeks later rhyme landed his biggest hit. Detlef Seger is still waiting for this. Source: Daniela Jantsch more information: