Network World Alliance

On the 01.05.2010 launches the new MLM marketing market company Spikkers in over 40 countries who are multimillionaires, Helmut Spikker is back on the network, and opened on the 1st May 2010 his new MLM company: Network World Alliance (NWA). About 25 years ago, Helmut Spikker founded the company LR international co and made it the number one the network companies in Europe. APAX, an investor company, bought its shares down and renamed LR international in LR health and beauty Spikker system. After a few years break, Helmut Spikker comes with a vision at a global level. NWA is to be the largest network company in the world. With the purchase of the Austrian Pierre lang (jewelry) and re-Vita (dietary supplement direct sales from the United States), Spikker secures a turnover of at least EUR 300 million in the first year its sales partners. Rumors that shopping not to end should be. Network World Alliance is currently in Ahlen (Spikkers and LR BBs home town) built.

End of April the production and storage facilities should be done. Spikker is in addition to jewelry and Dietary supplement produce the products and sell right have given him in the past: perfumes cosmetics Aloe Vera Colostrum until 01 May 2010 already possible on the independent prelaunch an Orga to enter into and to work on the structure itself, it is. The advantage is that you go can put right at startup and have started to sponsor partner. An Orga offered a pre-registration is the in this Orga is supported not only in Germany, but also internationally, because the team members able to speak together about 15 languages. Can read more about NWA on the same page. Laura Assafi for EuroNetJob