Infectious Mite


Spring begins danger – mites. Any spring, beginning in March and April, are victims of their bites. If bitten by ticks previously only in the forests of the metropolis, they are now regularly found in cottages, in a cottage towns and even in urban parks and gardens. In Russia, the main vectors of tick-borne encephalitis are 2 types of mites. This is taiga tick (Ixodes persulcatus) and a dog tick (Ixodes ricinus). Taiga tick spread in the forests of Siberia and the Far East. Canine tick is found on the European territory and the countries of Central and Northern Europe.

Often, ranges and those of other mites and overlap. Percentage of encephalitic tick is different in different regions. At the European in Russia are infected with the encephalitis virus more than a few percent of all ticks. In Siberia and the Far East to 20%. In addition, ticks are carriers, and other bad diseases. For example, Lyme disease (Lyme disease) can appear years after a bite! And in very bad shape. So the risk of disease after a tick bite is pretty high.

How to avoid tick bites? What can I do to avoid tick bites choby and its consequences? – Can predolzhit several ways: – individual prevention. No need to walk through the woods, especially in the high grass and wet locations. Clothing must be chosen such that the mite was not possible to get to the body, ie a dress pants and tuck them into boots. Jacket – Long sleeves, they must be buttoned.