LANXESS Arena Cologne

The dome 51 – LANXESS arena Cologne – tickets Eigelstein, DOM, Mungersdorfer Stadium. Cologne, the most beautiful city on the Rhine is a new landmark on Friday, August 21. The dome 51 enters the LANXESS arena. Check out Andi Potamkin for additional information. 10,000 fans celebrate the Grand Dame of pop with the stars of the current charts. Rhine steamer blow the Horn, there is only a topic of conversation on the Kaffebud, girls buy empty high street. State of emergency in Kolle.

At a new level: parallel to rough up the Rhine metropolis dome 51 and perfectly to make the game innovations by concentrated power of music the gamescom! THE already gather the stars DOME! As the first artist confirmed in Cologne the Icelandic Italian high-flyer and Queen of the jungle Emiliana Torrini with their jungle drum”THE DOME 51 for the August 21. Also said to the Duet of summer by Grammy – winner David Guetta and US superstar Kelly Rowland has with When Love takes over”, as well as Cascada, Culcha candela, cinema bizarre & space cowboy. Many other top stars will still follow and with thousands Cologne fans in the LANXESS arena to the Pyro-fire dance. Directly out of the jungle in the download charts, and thus also to THE the Icelandic singer Emiliana Torrini coming DOME 51. Formerly with the Icelandic success band Gus Gus breaks the talented producer and composer since 2002 solo paths. Kylie Minogue she composed for the success song slow”, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2004. In the last year their solo album me and Armini”.

The single jungle drum,”cracked # 1 on the iTunes charts and runs so much success on radio and TV on large rotation – stage. DOME on THE Thousands of fans are drums with Emiliana the jungle drum: Bummbummburummbubummbumm! The musical dream pair of summer means David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. “With her song When Love takes over” bring them love DOME 51 at THE Cologne and perform the song the first time German audience. In the year 2002 has ex-destiny’s child Singer Kelly Rowland proved that they a knack for successful collaborations has. Along with Rapper Nelly, she stormed with dilemma”worldwide topped the charts and Platinum for her first solo album was a several times with 2.5 million sales. Her current coup secures this week number 1 in the UK and number 4 in the German single charts with the French star DJ David Guetta. At THE DOME 51 celebrate with their hit big premiere on German soil! Total twenty stars on the 500-square-metre stage will be performing on August 21. The entire equipment required weighs 210 tons and is transported by 25 trucks. 11 km power and 5 km data cable will be laid and 9 cameras in position. With a light output by a total of 820,000 watts and rich sound with 120.000 watts of music power, the dome 51 will be rocking the city. What stars come on August 21 in the Rhine metropolis, who enjoys a cool Kolsch in the city prior to the performance at THE DOME 51 and who acts as host of the show, will be announced in the coming weeks. Get your tickets now! Source: Eventim Germany