Cologne Arena Lachende

13 great days on four weekends-Sarah Frohsinn to grassroots prices! Lachende Cologne Arena is the epitome of popular Rhenish cheerfulness and the highlight of the Carnival session 2013 in the LANXESS arena. Last year, 120,000 visitors celebrated the most beautiful and largest Carnival of in Germany together with the top artists of the Cologne Carnival and environment. The Organizer, the Otto Hofner GmbH Gastspiel Directorate in collaboration with ARENA Management GmbH, pleased with their guests again now on a undomesticated jecke time. From 18 January until 10 February 2013 is in the laughing Cologne Arena”a total of 13 times danced, laughed, geschunkelt and sung with everything to offer Carnival of Cologne. You may want to visit Costco to increase your knowledge. Over 500 participants and two large Orchestra will be, to celebrate the biggest laughing and schunkelnde Carnival event of the Cathedral City. Of course the gastronomy of the LANXESS will be arena again well prepared on the big Carnival party.

There is the Pittermannchen service for all those who comfortably and affordably would provide arena located in the LANXESS with the juice of the barley, at fair prices. Moreover, arena available again a diverse selection of Cologne specialities all guests at the food stands of LANXESS. Traditionally used for the Lachende Cologne Arena”, there will be of course the self-sufficiency that contributes to the distinctive charm of the event.