Exacerbation Of Herpes – How To Cope And To Prevent

bad things will never get rid of … Types of Herpes There are three types of herpes. Herpes simplex of the first type is the cause sores in the mouth. Herpes simplex of the second type affects the genitals. The third type is is also seen in vesicular rash, but in the genital area. Sexually transmitted and also periodically exacerbated. More often affects women.

Periodic genital manifestation – a clear indication of reduced vitality of the body. Varicella (chickenpox) – the virus affects children. The virus can sleep in the fabric for years, intensified it multiplies and spreads to the nervous tissue and is manifested in the form of shingles. Its manifestations – rashes, burning pain in lower back, shoulders and face. NO outbreaks of herpes! It is believed that herpes is not supplied complete recovery. However, there are ways to avoid outbreaks of herpes and can be good cards still overcome it. Diet.

A balanced, aimed at strengthening the immune system. Additional amounts of vitamins A, C, E. Of trace elements especially useful zinc. On the suppliers of those components of the diet, I have often written in red meat. Zinc supplements delay the development of the first type of herpes. On the vitamin C will say otherwise, that the first outbreak of herpes (itching) technique together with vitamin F in two out of three prevents the appearance of rash. It should be to stop or reduce consumption of alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, which weaken the immune system. Avoid hypothermia and solar thermal shock. Practice shows that a herpes outbreak follows the hypothermia and prolonged sun exposure. Increased immunity. A million times about writing this, but only when talking about the fight against chronic prostatitis. If you pay attention, and herpes and chronic prostatitis has many improving the physical condition of the body fight off infection, given the specificity of the disease.