Acquire Experience More Quickly


An experienced professional of YOU is somebody that has excellency in whom it makes. He is somebody capable thing to take decisions quickly, to understand a problem, to intuir and to act very producing a good result without demanding a great effort. Something seems innate and difficult to obtain, but in the reality it is not. Most experienced it has a different position and method of that they evolve very little and do not know the reason. The experience in itself is the presence of the professional in some situations of the work: crises of infrastructure, negotiations with suppliers, problems with stated period and problematic target of projects, customers, falls of performance, bugs of software, problems of requirements, etc.

The contact with these objects and its representations in our mind are that they determine the experience. The experience provides information that can making to improve in them. They can because not necessarily they make in them to improve. To improve, this must be folloied for that it becomes in them excellent. Something that depends exclusively on anticipation was recorded in my memory and literally ‘ ‘ ficha fell; ‘.

I perceived that always to explicitar in the communications the next steps, exactly that replanejados in the future, it increases the perception of control of one better management. Therefore the activity seems to be lead by somebody with a bigger luggage, somebody more> experienced. I kept to this technique and currently I make this without perceiving in all my communications. That is, the experience alone was useful because I decided to change and to explore the form of my communication. The experienced professionals use day-by-day to explore to the maximum its experiences. For example, during a problem in the performance of a data base, one technician interacts with a solution of storage. This could decide the problem setting in motion the supplier – foreseen in contract – without exploring what it happened in details.