Education In England, The Leys School .


Those who decided to straighten their children to study in England, faces the difficult task of choosing an educational institution. To decide among all the abundance of private schools help to annual rankings published by various major newspapers and other research centers. However, blindly believe this rating is also not worth it. Not all schools participate in it. Necessary to consider both.

that place the school in these ratings is assessed fairly subjectively. One of the schools, which can be trained in England, is The Leys School (Cambridge). The Leys School was founded in 1875 and since the foundation of a co-educational. The territory of the school encompasses 50 acres on which are academic buildings, housing for living and many sports fields. Study at England's The Leys School is possible at 11, 13, 16.

Entrance tests in high school are conducted in two main subjects: mathematics and English. The third, and sometimes decisive test is the interview. Admission to the same high school (16 years) is completely different. Since students have to choose a few basic items, which they will study over the next two years. Also, examination results will be used as entrance exams selected universities. While teaching in England in The Leys School, students study a wide range of disciplines. This helps them decide on the subjects for admission to the senior graduating classes. As in most schools in England, the application for admission to The Leys School received at least one year before the date of receipt. Major exams pass the winter. Repeated interviews with past exams are held in the spring. The academic year begins in autumn.