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What Is Good Glued Beam Technology ?

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Glued laminated timber – is specially treated boards, glued together under pressure. For the manufacture of laminated profiled bars used softwood boards of high quality. Board is handled in drying chamber at the soft modes to the relative humidity of about 10%. After drying, the boards for laminated veneer lumber prostrugivayutsya on all four sides to obtain precise geometric shape. Used for bonding special water-resistant organic adhesives, which do not violate the ability of wood to "breathe." When bonding to a single beam direction of wood fibers ("annual rings") in the lamellae is given to the opposite of each another direction. Due to this, glued laminated wood more durable than conventional timber and when the humidity does not change its form. Because of this process, glued beam houses, almost no is shrinking.

Typically, the thickness of the walls of the laminated board is 200mm. For the first time glued laminated wood used in construction for about 30 years ago in Finland, thanks to his huge advantage, quickly gained popularity. Perhaps Today laminated board can be considered the most modern materials for the construction of wooden houses. There are a number of advantages of the glued beam: – glued beam houses may be constructed much faster than the home of solid wood – glued beam houses are not shrinking as opposed to houses from a single timber (laminated veneer lumber moisture content of about 10% moisture content of whole logs for at least 30%) – laminated veneer lumber will not crack and does not deformed, in contrast to solid wood – because of this way of gluing a multilayer laminated board has high strength – the walls of the houses are of high quality surface by high-precision equipment, which made this material. However, the houses from glued beams, there are drawbacks – the high price of building houses from this material – a violation of technology in manufacturing can lead to a stratification beam – insulation complicated horizontal seams.

Clean Shower

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And nothing more. What lies behind it. Mother taught-taught and not learned. Now Your turn. How to act.

Strictly: no soul no sex. Touchy fruit negligent parenting Clean and fresh just not his priorities. Is able to splash his feet in dirty socks, deodorant, to "kill the germs>>. At the same time he likes stylish clothes, leather jackets and expensive jeans. What lies behind it. Mom hygiene skills are not imparted to his son, dad was the same pig.

And he personally is weak, sickly proud and unsure of himself. As act. At first glance, such a drive in the shower a breeze. Said, "wash up every day>> and it does so. But be careful with it! He would like to respond to you rudely rebuffed in the style of this guy>> but he is afraid of you. As Man is weak, he permanently nurse a grievance and answer dirty trick on the sly, through the weeks and months. For example: you are ill, and he is from morning till night at work sitting, and lying does not help that loaded. Therefore, play to his vanity: and say you excites the form of naked men with water drops on the skin and the smell of a good deodorant all women lose control of himself. Buy him an expensive and high-quality kit: shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, toilet water. As a result, He will not only clean and fragrant in his self-esteem and ennoble the character. Old dad He plagues your mother a habit to go to a bath once a week, while the remaining six days, just wash your hands before eating.