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Shtokman Project

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In the process of LNG, pipelines, compressor stations and ground infrastructure only on the territory of the Murmansk region will be utilized $ 17 billion. During operation of the Shtokman gas condensate field federal and regional budgets will receive about $ 20 billion dollars in tax deductions. By 2014, only due to this project, the gross regional product will grow by half. The 40% increase in budget revenues of the Murmansk region. Annual allocation of Gazprom's Shtokman 5% of extracted gas to the needs of the Murmansk area will gasify towns of the Kola Peninsula, lower prices for consumers of heating at 35 – 40%.

Generally speaking, in accordance with the schedule of the Shtokman project starting point of beginning works can be regarded as January 2, 2006, and completion date for construction of infrastructure – December 27, 2019, in operation for 50 years. So Murmanchane need a little patience. Everyman does not always see what is happening in sea and on shore, and therefore often make hasty conclusions. And do not just Gazprom and other companies, a lot. For example, in the Pechora Sea this summer, set the fixed offshore ice-resistant offloading berth (FOIROT) Varandey, class MS CI (*) A2u SMEs, built on the order of "Varandey terminal, and in fact, LUKOIL in the factory building metal LUKOIL – Kaliningradmorneft. Through this structure, octagonal caisson platform type, height 65.5 meters, width 61.75 and a length of 108.3 meters, capable of withstanding the pressure of the ice fields of 12 million tons of oil produced at fields in Timan-Pechora, will be sent by tanker deadweight of 20 to 70 thousand tons of consumers year-round across the Kola Bay.

Project Manager

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Project Manager Main article: Project manager Project management often is the responsibility of an individual. This individual seldom participates directly in the activities that produce the final result. Instead it strives to maintain the progress and productive mutual interaction of various parties so that the overall risk of failure is reduced. A project manager is often a client representative and must determine and implement the exact customer requirements, based on its knowledge of the firm it represents. The ability to customize multiple internal procedures of the contracting party and form of closer ties with selected representatives is essential to ensure that the key objectives of cost, time, quality and above all, customer satisfaction, are turned into reality. Regardless of the field, a successful project manager must be able to visualize the entire project from start to finish and have the ability to ensure that this vision a reality.Any type of product or service – buildings, vehicles, electronics, computer software, and financial services. – Can be monitored in its implementation by the project manager and its operation by the product manager.