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New Project BARBART

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It was under this slogan, and opened a new project BARBART: site. Visitors to the website can now Odrex see the catalog of products and its main characteristics. On the trends of Odrex users can learn from news section: it is periodically updated information on exhibitions and promotions. Information submitted in two versions – English and Russian languages. Company Odrex – long reputation on the world market of high-tech manufacturer of gaming equipment. Representative offices are located throughout the world: Romania, Czech Republic, Albania, Serbia, Spain, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Georgia. Innovations allowed the company to take the lead Odrex, ahead of competitors. The company has a solid reputation and an appropriate site, the first step towards the introduction of a new niche for her – a virtual Internet market.

Working with the project was difficult but interesting task. On the one hand, created the site is easy and convenient tool, on the other – just a conceptual project, which is fully corresponds to the status of Odrex. Since the task BARBART coped perfectly well. The classic combination of strong crimson and black on a white background in website design has been enlivened by animated on the home page. Everything is logical, stylish and harmonious. Implementation of this project – the result of teamwork of all staff BARBART.

The company has considerable experience in creating and promoting websites, development of complex projects own experience, software products and services. The company's activities aimed at solving complex problems of customers. At all stages of projects, the company BARBART consideration the interests and wishes of its customers. Each created the company website to solve specific problems – from the complex and large to a simple and elegant.

Project Content

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Knowing and mainstream cycles, processes, dynamics of natural phenomena and relationships among elements of the system without raising “situations artificial problems. ” Previous ACTIVITIES: Through a book of anecdotes and research (working mode of teaching) a jointly by the family of children which were translated: ideas, experiences, research, special assignments, artwork, personal productions, photos and that each activity requires. This project will update the families, as planned, waiting for their active collaboration, practical tips, advice “home” and a commitment to put into practice in their homes so important endeavor. Site survey work in the garden begins with the characterization of the place designated, taking into account several factors: sun, soil, slope, water, vegetation, animals, weather. Soil preparation starts with land clearing. a existing vegetation is removed and the soil is removed. Outlines the areas for cultivation.

Cover the ground with a layer of plant material (straw, wood shavings, leaves) Sowing and planting can be carried out in two ways: by planting from seed or from vegetative organs: stems, tubers, etc. Crop Growth and Development After soil preparation and planting, begin activities: irrigation (construction of showers with recycled material), fertilizing, weeding, armed with a scarecrow. As at this stage the plants are undergoing change, one can observe plant requirements including: process (photosynthesis), sequence of the life cycle: flower, fruit, seeds, nutrients they need. Harvesting and processing of products comes the harvest. The harvesting is done when they have the maturity or developmentally appropriate for consumption. PROCEDURAL CONTENT * Asking questions and anticipations about the life of the components of the ecosystem and its process.

* Obtaining information through oral expression. * Search and selection of material for the experience. * Exploration direct, active and systematically. * Log information happens periodically and communicate them through discussions or graphics. Attitudinal contents * Respect and appreciation for diversity and organization of the environment. * Curiosity. Initiation of attitudes of openness to inquiry into what surrounds it. * Rating in the exchange of ideas and defend their views. * Assessment of cooperative norm. PROJECT TIME: EVALUATION The 2U quarter will develop gradually, with direct observations and confrontations group keeping track of data to compare the changes that are occurring.