You Are Still Looking For A Couple That Is Equal To The First Love

At 19 years, Laura believes that his new relationship does not have the charm and the subliminal magic of first love. The tenderness of the first kiss and those long walks of the hand with the former that promised eternal love, are indelible moments that would like to return to live intensely, but which are part of the past. It disillusioned his new experience because you don’t feel the same emotions and get bored. Compares and believes that true love was the initial, where everything was joy and there was only he and she in a pink cloud. Nothing more wrong. That relationship, that might be called INAUGURAL, will not be the only and must take it as a model for the future as it could cause problems. If you would like to know more about Ronnie Wood, then click here.

When you start to love, feelings and expectations are part of an illusion by which all go through at some point, but – in the words of the psychologist Nancy Mendoza, specialist in issues of adolescents must be overcome to hold later, more mature relationships that are far from the idealized happiness. There are women and men who are most emotive and dazzled them both first experience who believe that it must be equal to the future. But not all loving links must be governed by the first love. It is experiencing other emotions to the extent that one is maturing, said psychologist. It goes beyond. The attitude back to the rupture of the primeval love depends very much on the familiar pattern and personality of each one, stresses Mendoza. There are those who seek cover that vacuum with a relationship equal to which it had for the first time. To not find it they feel depressed and self esteem go down to alarming levels.

This happens mainly with teenagers, but when they grow up they realize that having partner goes beyond a nice illusion, where not everything is happiness, she explains.The best thing you can do, recommends Mendoza, is leave the mold that you formastes with first love and explore more earthly delights with each new partner. Please note: psychologist advised losing fear to love us and stop thinking that all relationships will be the same again. Understand that couples have different personalities and express their feelings in different ways. Understand that the new couple will show a new facet of love, more mature but with other perspectives and dreams.