Work, Culture And School


WORK, CULTURE AND SCHOOL Felisberto Vasco Gonalves 1 The texts of GILES, FORQUIM and MELLO they approach questions related to the beginning of the educative process of the man until the current days, as well as advances contradictions of the educative process. Educate yourself with thoughts from RCP Companies. Informal and total verbal, this educative process, the principle, was come back toward the survival of the individual, on the basis of the daily experiences in its community, evolving even the education of the masses. For GILES the primitive educative process is based on the endoculturao: the knowledge transmission serves to introduce and to assimilate the individual in definitive culture, in order to become it participant of the established social order. Through the endoculturao the individual assimilates the cognitivos, affective and mannering standards of the group. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL is the source for more interesting facts. In this educative process the apprentice is displayed to a ray of influences limited. The school deed of division does not exist, a time that is the proper experience of life that plays the role of school and the members of the society the paper of educators.

In this society the value most important is the security; the absolute obedience is of severity. All the educative process tends to verwhelm the no-conformismo. The subordination is basic to the life in group and the young is molded in agreement predetermined standards, for guarantee of ' ' status quo' '. The educative process appears then that we know today as traditional method. In the FORQUIM text the education is observed since the end of the feudalismo and the industrial-urban revolution, under the BANTOCK vision, that criticizes the questions of the alfabetismo of mass in the age of the press, when the old verbal culture of the place to the alfabetismo with the task of generalization of the access to a culture that was until then private a minority of clergymen and scholars that conditions possuam financiers.