Wooden Products For Artists

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The modern market offers a wide range of wooden products for artists. Easels, boards, displays, glasses, palette, pencil boxes, frames and stretchers, etudes – all presented in different variations. Goods different finishes and material means of production and design, price and quality. However, it is not always the "expensive" means "high". If you want to buy an easel, you need to know all about what kind of wood used in the manufacture of the easel, which is coated, a metal used to make furniture. All these "little things" impact on the quality of the product, the duration of its operation and even your health.

The main material for the manufacture of a wood easels. This natural, beautiful, environmentally friendly material with unique properties much closer to the creative person than the metal and plastic. Basically wooden easels are made of pine, beech, birch, larch, at least – of oak and ash. When buying wooden easel should find out from a tree he's done it. Easels beech stronger, however, weigh almost 2 times more than the pine. Note the absence of knots and other defects on the bearing wood detail, decoration quality company Ecodrevo offers a large selection of easels clean wood, safe use of oils and varnishes. Our products have unique design and flair. Our easels combined classical forms and modern utility.

Every design decision is due functionality and convenience. Easels Ecodrevo fit perfectly into the modern interiors of apartments, hotels and cafes. Wooden parts are made easel and carefully processed by hand. Each product passes control quality. The range of studio easels Ecodrevo to satisfy even the most demanding master. Weight and quality of our studio easels provide stability and advanced mechanisms attachment – reliability attachment. There are models of studio easels to mount the two paintings – with one or two sides. If your child is seriously became interested in drawing, and even attended an art school, it's time to think about the necessary tools for his work.