Weight Loss

Realize more people why you need a diet to lose weight always that dieting may not be the solution of permanent weight loss. Diets typically more cause the feared and unloved Yo-Yo effect. The effective way for weight loss is the nutrition. But the only sticking point is that many do not know properly how to forward it. This article gives a brief insight, a nutrition and the own er sewing runs plan to remove might look like.

The start before you even can start to change his diet, the setting of goals and the State is very important. Personal goals: how much would I have to take off and in what period of time? To do this, but need to know that a reasonable value for the weight loss is approximately 0.5 kg per week. Approx. 2 kg a month. Status quo: To set the personal status, it is necessary in addition to the body weight and the masses (for the subsequent control), to even eating behavior protokolieren. For the latter you should schedule one to two weeks, in which you meticulously writes his consumed food and logged.

Based on the collected data, it is possible to analyze the behavior of food and to uncover Kalorienfallen. Performance sales charge after it has set its objectives and has a well filled diet Protocol, performance revenues must be calculated. This value is an approximation of the total calorie count and should be considered as such. One of the numerous computers on the Internet can be used to calculate either or the following formula: BMR (men) = body weight (kg) * 24 basal metabolic rate (women) = body weight (kg) * 24 * 0.9 which will value that comes out here then multiplied with the following numbers and results performance sales: sitting/lying activity: 1.2 normal activity: 1.35 in-depth/activities: 1.55 mainly standing/detailed activity: 1.75 very physically strenuous work: 2.00 The Performance Sales minus max. 500 calories is the ideal value for weight loss or the new diet plan. The conversion is now about the change of diet. This should apply as close as possible on previous nutrition everyday. Everything else or an excessive intrusion into the diet is doomed to failure. Therefore, a logging of nutrition should be also in the first step, as described above, which is used here. The creation of the new diet plan aims to uncover Kalorienfallen and either to delete it or replace with something lighter. In addition, it is important that all macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) are included. This, of course always the total number of calories must be considered. Some examples: Instead of white bread dear people bread cheese, sausage and spreads through light product with less fat and fewer calories thus replacing cream cheese instead of butter fish instead of meat (or Turkey or chicken) by sweet Fruit or vegetables substituted (Alternatively Gummy) this list can be expanded to dozens more points. It goes here to explain more about an adjustment or change could look like. Course, sometimes, is a piece of cake or pie, a chocolate or chips permits, as long as it moves in the new window and the necessary macronutrients are consumed throughout the day, it’s alright.