Usenet was actually produced it only for the understanding of the U.S. military, but now almost everyone uses it. Without the Internet, the current world would live no longer almost. Whether business or private use, all now the World Wide Web, either to make errands, answering emails, to do errands or provide a private diary of the entire public to the show. The prospects of the Internet are almost limitless. So users can watch movies online, book a trip or chat with friends and acquaintances.

The Internet is regarded as an autonomous communication platform, but brings also the possibility of censorship or propaganda. A kind of understanding is the so-called Usenet. This includes, Unix User Network, and established forums, also called newsgroups, to use it. On these newsgroups almost everyone can be there, the user must still have a News Reader. The Usenet is also often compared with black boards, which the user from Supermarkets or universities knows. Each user can compose a message and make that into the World Wide Web, where it is accessible for all users. The comparison with the known black board, however, is lagging somewhat, as might be the Usenet responded directly to this message.

Preferably, the Usenet is especially daily newspapers. If an article on the World Wide Web, readers can immediately respond to this article and write a "letter to the editor. So in a very short time can be a broad topic much discussion trees, also called threads arise. A disadvantage of the Usenet is the fact that the forums are not editorially reviewed and monitored. There are some extraneous singularities, which have one chosen by the editor of Internet users to consider the discussion on specific content and manner rules. An enormous advantage of Usenet is due to the independence and therefore also to the passivity of censorship. Another type of exchanges is in the web forum. For this needs of the users can be recorded, however.