Thermal Insulation Mold Attracts

Modern heat insulation keeps heat from walls away from Marktredwitz mold – many homeowners decide against energy-saving thermal insulation because they are afraid of mold. This is to the Neighing, because modern thermal insulations provide consistently warm walls. So can form no moisture and no mold grow. Thermal insulation prevents mold mildew can always occur when warm air meets a cold surface. For example, the Cola cooled in the fridge on refreshing six degrees.

Is it taken from the closet, condensation on her develops at normal room temperature. The same happens uncontrolled cold, uninsulated walls. Therefore, the main cause of mold in the home is the cold surface of the walls. To them, condensing the humidity and provides the ideal breeding ground for mold. He is also the only one who feels comfortable in such environment. Bottom line: thermal insulation prevents mold growth.

Thermal insulation decoupled critical points of detail Concrete floors, concrete lintels or radiator niches are so-called thermal critical points of detail. These are included due to their structural function in the facades. Their surface temperature lower more than other components. Where such variations in temperature are more pronounced, resulting vulnerabilities with an increased risk of mold. The thermal insulation solves this problem by the thermal decoupling of detailed points and facade. Excluded mold growth. Healthy living through thermal insulation thermal insulation prevents mold growth and ensures healthy conditions in residential premises. Where there is no mold, no mold spores through the air fly? And without mold spores in the air does not cause harmful reactions. Through thermal insulation and regular airing, caused allergies of the past belong to mould and fungus spores. Thermal insulation protects against structural damage molds stay longer time undetected or be underestimated, threaten structural damage. The reverse can conclude is: to avoid structural damage, it increases the lifetime of a building. Always true to the motto life you think! “.” Thermal insulation attract mold? An end to this myth of the insulation. More information is found. The unveiling of the 6 insulation myth takes place on February 1st, 2010. Overall, six insulation myths were dissolved and refuted, to confront prejudices on the market. Company profile the BASF Wall Systems GmbH & co. KG has its two brands Rajasil building renovation and rear MultiTherm is one of the leading manufacturers of special materials for building renovation and thermal insulation systems. BASF wall systems based in Marktredwitz is already over 100 years on the active market. As a company of the BASF Group, BASF wall system with about 200 employees is part of the leading chemical company in the world. In modern fully automated production plants of BASF wall systems are mineral ready-mixed dry mortars and special building materials to the permanent preservation of valuable historical buildings but also for new construction projects produced. The product range includes masonry, truss, facade and stone restoration, under – and finishing coats as well as painting and EIFS.