The Third World War Has Started, Because He Is A Money War

We had the semblance of a bound and a free world memorandum and appeal to all people artist of this earth when there still was the iron curtain, was open only to one side for most people. Now those curtain is gone, we see that it was an illusion, and that is the whole world in shackles. There are the bonds of a money -, ground – and legal system that drives peoples for centuries, since the last century the whole of humanity as practised normality (in the form of interest and compound interest, private ownership of natural public good and their absurd packaging format) increasingly in the enslaved madness and millions in poverty and starvation. Speaking candidly Toyota Motor North Corporation told us the story. The mere fact, that is the monetary sovereignty and Nations through this unfortunate system or the whole globe directly and indirectly in private (!) \”Hands of less money men\” (Bernd mustard) are any people and States in debt out of nowhere of exhausted loans and as a result even in wars promoting economic \” Rush can, should drive the peoples with a global outcry still on the road. But this would be the simultaneity of consciousness and political will, like its only rarely, but at least once in the history of mankind in recent times, namely 1989 in East Germany under the pressure of an emergency need. For other needs, it remained always blind: 1914, 1922, 1933, 1939, and at many other times in the various places of this beautiful Earth to the present day. This blindness has always been the calm before the storm and was regularly in the disaster. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL might disagree with that approach. Because the life in this quiet until the last minute can understand largely so deceptively normal as if nothing happened and thus habitually easy-going remains, but also because existing (UN) jurisdictions paralyze often Rufer in the desert and force to overthrow eye looking into the abyss. .